Neighbor Gerry

23 03 2008
I’m not a professional writer, so I apologize for the very amateur manner of writing. I tried to keep it simple and true.. all of these stories are real and I experienced it, this is no b*llshit… hehe hope u like it..


Well, I arrived here in manila some 4 years ago. We moved from Scarborough, Toronto, Canada to Quezon City here in Manila. Since I don’t look all too pinoy, a lot of people ask if im fil-am or sumthin, I try to tell them that im fil-canadian, but all they say is “ah, pareho lang yun..” Since im also getting tired of explaining that its totally not the same, I just say “Yes” whenever im asked of the same question. So from that day on, I was fondly called by the neighbors as “amboy”.

I had my younger sister and brother with me and my mom here, but since they don’t go out that much, the neighbors don’t know them as much as they knew me. Im the boy-next-door type, I like to go cycling around the blocks, or walking our Dalmatian or sometimes even both at the same time. I kinda noticed how the neighbors’ “household helpers” look (stare) at me whenever I move around the village. But I just brush it off since I think they just act like that since I’m new to the place and I thought they would have the same treatment to anyone new. I cycle or walk the dog around 4-5 pm, just when the sun is almost down, it’s not hot and it’s nice to just move around. I’m also amazed how all the maids do their daily leaves-sweeping at the same time. You see everything nice at the village at this time, kids playing pinoy street games, yoyos, and badminton. Drivers usually wash the cars too at this time. I’m kinda amazed with the hospitality of pinoys, a couple of neighbors went to our place to offer us something, whether another ulam for dinner or a snack to get by, I guess this is some kid of housewarming.

One time, the Chua’s dropped by, they gave adobo, which was my ultimate fave even back in Canada, since my pinoy dad loves to cook it. My mom introduced us to the couple and their daughter. “Carlo, Nicole!! We have neighbors!” Nikki, my sister and I rushed down the stairs excited to see some new faces. The woman had her daughter with them. She was really pretty. Her name was Gina. “Hello po..” Nikki and I grunted since we were kinda uncomfortable with the neighbors. “Wow, they know how to speak Tagalog ha” Tita Cherry said. “Yeah, their dad is pinoy, and he taught them how to speak some tagalog phrases they could use back here” my mom answered. As usual, some questions were asked back and forth between the family members. “So where will the kinds study?” “I’m still not sure, you have any idea?” “Well, Gina goes to Poveda and Gerald is graduating from LSGH” “Gerald? Who’s he?” my mom asked. “He’s my eldest, he’s just home, he’s not very friendly, so we just let him be.”

I was kinda intrigued with how Gerald looks, but I didn’t dwell on that too much. One afternoon, while I was doing the usual cycling, I noticed this kinda cute guy, I couldn’t stare at him coz I think he might notice it. He was opening the gates of their house. He doesn’t look like a house-boy since he was of the Chinese race and he didn’t look like it. I had a few laps around the block still puzzled with who this cute guy is. Returning to the cute guy, he was now topless, just in nice pair of green shorts and washing a car, I guess it’s his. He was around 5’10”, Chinese, looks like a mixture of Joseph Yeo of DLSU, Gec Chia of Ateneo and Ken of F4. He was damn hot, I can see how his abs are sculptured. Ang sexy nya grabe, ok ang form ng chest and abs nya. From my guess, he was around 21. I couldn’t sleep easily that night, inisip ko talaga who the guy was, I would love to know him, if ever boy man sya ng neighbor, ill try to pirate him and let him do the dirty work of the house. I would love to see that.. hehe Mejo matagal ko rin siyang crush, he is in my fantasies at night, I even remember jacking off thinking of him. Mejo inggit ako sa figure niya, so I started working out with the house exercise machines, since I don’t like going to the gym, feeling ko kasi im too payat and might get intimidated. 1 month na din akong nagwo-work out at home, I’d say ok naman na yung body ko, but compaered to him, siguro I need more pa.

I walked the Dalmatian one time, and heard some neighbors talk about me, they don’t see me around na daw, eh syempre I work out nalang at home eh, treadmill nalang that walk. But the dog needs some walking din and hindi pwede sa loob ng gym-room. I heard them whisper stuff about me, im kinda flattered with what they said, but what got my attention was when one asked the other “So sino mas crush mo, si Carlo o si Gerry?”. Now that’s intriguing, sino si Gerry? Cute kaya siya? I should know. That same afternoon, I took the dog home na and decided to do some more laps, upon returning to our street, nakita ko ulet si CUTIE neighbor, deep inside, sino kaya tong tang-*nang to? Ang gwapo talaga eh, da f*ck! He was with 2 other friends shooting some hoops. I know I had to make a move. When he was about to shoot the ball na, palapit nako sa court, then I kinda whispered, “nice shot!” di masyadong malakas, just enough for him to hear it. And I think he did. “Dude, wanna join?” (Shit! Success!! He’s now asking me..) “Oo nga tol, Sali ka, kulang kami ng isa eh” the other guy said “Tol, amboy yan, di yata marunong magtagalog..” (Oh shit, he knows me!! Why kaya?) “I understand naman tagalog, di lang ako magaling when I speak the language” I said “Ok, Joel, kampi tayo! Marc, kampi mo si..” Mejo nalito siya, so he asked “Dude, di ba Benj ka?” “Call me Carlo, Benj is a school name eh, sa house, Carlo ako.” I was surprised how come he knows who I am. “Sige, kampi tayo Gerry” Joel shouted What the f*ck, this is Gerry? That’s his name?! Now I know why the maids are going gaga over him!! Whatta hunk!! Al these I said to myself.

The basketball was perfect, at least for me, I was kinda nervous at first since Filpinos play basketball too different eh, and I noticed that. I got to guard Gerry all this time. He offered me to drink sa bottle that he used, mejo hesitant ako, but then again, ayos na yon, maybe that’s the closest I could have di ba?! “Nice defense!” He said. Di lang niya alam mina-maniac ko na siya!! Hehe “You Americans play basketball differently ha.” “I’m half Canadian, not American” “O, sorry ha, di ko alam eh, everyone calls you amboy eh” “Nah! It’s ok, sanay nako eh.” Joel and Marc live the street next to ours. Gerry and I walked together since tabi lang houses namin. Surprised ako when I saw Gina come out of their gate. Holy shit!! House ni Gina yan? So that means, si Gerry na long-time crush ko and si Gerald na brother ni Gina is the same person? Kewlness!! I knew it was gonna be a long month of May for me. That was the start of a really nice friendship.

Since it was summer, all I had to do all day was sleep late, wake up late, play around and gimmicks on weekends. But all that changed when I met Gerry. Seldom nako lumalabas, pati dog namin, si yaya nlang nagwa-walk. Madalas kasi ako invite ni Gerry sa house nila for playstation 2 and pc games, we love playing kasi eh, little did he know na while his eyes are glued to the TV screen or monitor ng PC, busy din ako nakamonitor sa crotch niya.. I never thought of sucking a guy, I just thought it would be nice seeing his since he had a nice physique naman eh. Naging constant phone buddy ko din si Gerry, we talk about anything, from bikes to cars to magic cards to basketball and kung ano pang guy stuff. Lakers kasi kmi pareho. Minsan nga, he walks with me and the dog around the village eh, I could just imagine yung mga maids when they see us. Hehe we were sobrang bestfriends na nga eh, better than Colin, my best friend from Toronto.

One night, Gerry called me, he asked if I could go sa house nila. “Dude, I’m eating kasi eh, why? What’s up ba?” I asked “Hindi, wala lang, just thought maybe you could accompany me here sa bahay eh.” Ako pa? Of course I will, di lang niya alam. “Sige, ill just finish my dinner, punta na ko dyan.” And so I did. He opened the gate for me, tulog na yata maid nila. He was in his usual white pambahay shirt, shorts and basketball cap. Lahat NIKE, even his slippers, sobrang sporty talaga.

“Ano gusto mo? Kuha ka lang sa ref ha”, sabi ko “its ok, diba kaka-kain ko lang?” “oo nga pala, I forgot eh, sad kasi ako” “Why naman? And bakit alone ka? Asan sila?” I noticed he was alone the house, tapos we went in his room, I sat sa bed nya, and then he followed, sitting next to me. “Ewan, ay party si mommy, over time si daddy and sleepover yata si Gina, labo nilang lahat!” he went to the ref and got 2 bottles of beer “Di ba usually you like it when you’re alone? Kasi ayaw mo ng pakialamero” “Pero iba today eh, di nga ako lumabas di ba?” “Yeah, I noticed, di ka din nakita ng dog ko” (The truth is inantay ko siya talaga sa labas ng gate nila but nahiya ako to ring their door, baka isipan niya im looking for him) “Oo nga, bad trip kasi eh, wala man lang naka-remember” he handed one beer to me.

“Remember? Whats there to remember?” “Carlo, Birthday ko kasi..” he softly whispered, mejo naiiyak pa yata “uy Gerry, sorry ha, di kita na-greet” “Ok lang, di mo naman alam diba?” “Pero I should’ve known, friends tayo, but hindi ko alam when is your birthday..” “Nah, kaya nga I invited you here eh, para I’m not alone naman on this special day diba?! At least now, I’m with a special person” Mejo nagulat ako to what he said, but I have to react, so I said “Oo naman, bestfriend tayo eh, edi special!” His face kinda changed, from sad to confused. “So if hindi moko best friend, hindi ako special?” he asked “Dude, ang labo mo, I don’t get you.” I answered “Ewan, fuck!! Whats wrong with me?!” he grunted “Dude, I think you’re drunk, mejo you smell na din eh, you dunno what youre saying na.” “I know what I’m saying! All this time, bale wala pala ako sa’yo.” “Huh? Kaw ang malabo, di nga kita gets, what are you trying to say?” “Don’t tell me you don’t know” “What ba?” Mejo confused nako talaga at this point. Mejo gets ko what he’s trying to say, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions, baka mali ako, mapahiya pa.

When he was about to cry, he spilled it out na din… “Carlo, im not sure if you’re numb or blind, all this time, I befriended you, almost everyday tayo magkasama, hindi mo parin ba naïf-feel?” I just stood there, trying to look confused para he’ll tell everything na.. “Ever since you arrived here sa village, I’ve been doing everything to let you notice me, everything you do, alam ko, maybe you don’t notice that I see you when you walk your dog pag hapon. I even wash the car topless para lang you’ll notice me, pwede ko naman ipa-linis kay yaya yon eh, but all the sacrifices just for you. I even fight with my sister for the phone just to talk to you. Ano ka ba Carlo, I’ve been this stupid for you, and you won’t even notice?” I just stood there, I dunno where to start, I knew he was wrong with what he said, it was all misunderstanding, maybe we just don’t see how one notices the other, everything was in flashback motion, parang I remember pa the first time I saw him washing his car. I was just frozen in front of this guy who just exploded his heart with all his feelings for me, nahihiya nako to say the truth deep inside me, of how ko rin siya gusto. Pero hindi pa yata siya tapos magsalita… He tells me “So ganon lang? Wala kang masasabi? Well maybe it’s wrong for me to love you…”

Then it hit me, he said too much wrong things about me… about us… it should stop here… Even before he finishes what he’s about to say, I grabbed his nape (batok) by my right hand, pulled him towards me. “Shut up and kiss me…” I mumbled. I could smell his fresh breath dahil sobrang lapit na niya. Nagulat yata siya and di makapag-react. Our lips touched na, iba yung feeling, his red this lips were grabbed by mine, its like his lower lips were in between mine, I started to suck his lower lip, masarap, I knew he was new to this, first time for him to kiss a guy. I had my first way before pa, so this wasn’t new to me. I kissed him back and forth, our heads were turning para mas intimate. He started to feel my tongue, it was touching his lips na din, he welcomed it with his tongue, sarap yung laway niya, sobrang fresh, parang bagong toothbrush, may minty taste.. weird nga coz I thought it would taste like beer.

He grabbed me by the back and passionately kissed me while caressing my back. I kissed him while stroking his hair, we kissed for about 10 minutes. Wala kaming moustache pareho, so it was smooth, his kisses were a mixture of innocent but passionate. We would kiss na matindi then end it with several smaller kisses, I could even feel na our lips were sticking to each other, may mga saliva pa na nagstretch out, it was all damn good. I thought we had to move on after the kissing, so I had to initiate, I was feeling his crotch, he was hard, he wasn’t that big naman, around 5 I guess, but how it was trapped inside his undies, it was driving me crazy, parang I wanna put my hand in and pull it out. He took my hand and put it under his shirt, I knew what he wanted, so I started caressing his nipples, it was ok, not that big, it was getting hard by the minute. He moved one of his hands towards my crotch while the other was grabbing my asscheek. Kita ko nangigigil siya sa ass ko, he was grabbing it and it started to hurt. I took off his shirt and saw his awesome pecs. Nipples were pink, just to match his mestizo color. I moved my head towards his chest, I lick his left nipple while feeling the other, nice ang muscles nya, well formed, sporty talaga.. I guess hours in the gym pays off. He liked it, he moaned and his eyes were rolling, I knew how to drive Gerry crazy. Then I moved to feel his 6-pack with my tongue, it’s like my tongue was this little car strolling down these little streets in his abs. Ok ang cut ng abs niya, definitely better than my flat-abs lang.

Just when I was about to take his shorts off, he grabbed my hand. “I wanna pleasure you tonight! All this time, I wanted to take that cock of yours in my mouth” Gulat ako how nasty he was, and that made me horny even more. So when he pulled my undies with his mouth, mejo surprised siya to see my 7-incher “tang ina, masarap to” I remember him murmur he was feeling my dick even kanina pa, evem when I was wearing my undies, he was licking it na, but I guess when it’s out in the open na, it just made him excited. I was sitting on his bed and he was kneeling down sa floor. He was looking at me, checking how I was reacting, but just by looking at this very hot guy suck dick, I cant explain the feeling. So I guess I looked horny to him. He licked my head, sucking some pre-cum that was on top of it, it was like cherry on top of an ice cream to him, what a way to start! He put the whole head in his mouth and played with the hole with his tongue. Mainit yung mouth niya, and I liked it, then it stopped.

I opened my eyes to check on him, I saw him get one Listerine Pocket Packs in his mouth, then came back on me.. “Tang*na, sarap… F*ck!!” Feeling ko, I was saying all the bad words I could say, but no amount of bad words can counter the good feeling im having right now. He was sucking every inch of my cock, deep throat na.. ang lamig ng mouth nya, cool talaga, it made my whole body chill. This is unbelievable. He moved to my balls, licking it. “Sarap ng balls mo, smooth!!” he whispered. Then iyong singit ko naman ni-lick niya, he was sucking it like crazy, he was smelling my balls, coz he liked daw the smell of ballsweat. Ako din kasi eh, everytime ka-cambio ako, I tend to sniff my fingers, mejo addicting yung scent, its weird. I guess he likes it too. I was moving very rough na sa bed, I can’t contain this anymore, we was doing this for almost 20 minutes na, moving from my cock, to my balls and back. I don’t like getting my asshole licked eh, I dunno, no feeling towards it, I guess that explains why am I still a virgin ’til this day. “Aaaahhh, Oooohhh” all I can hear was his sucking and my moaning, nothing else, it was like the world stopped just for us. I knew I was cumming, the veins around my cock were very visible na, the head of the dick turned from red to purplish red. Orgasm was on its way.

I noticed Gerry was jerking himself while sucking me, his dick wasn’t as big as mine, but for a Chinese I guess it was fine. He had the body and the face naman eh. Just when im about to explode, my moans were getting louder and faster, hinihingal nako actually, even with the panting, sarap na sarap parin ako sa pag-suck ni Gerry, it was all too good to be true. “Fuck Gerry, im near… ahhhh, im cumming…” He just wouldn’t stop sucking, until my first burst was inside his mouth, then he took it out, and the following spurts were towards his face, his lips, nose and cheeks were full of white messy cum. He looks so nasty and malicious at that moment. It turned me on, so I had to pull him up and kiss him… yeah I guess it was kinda gross, but I didn’t care, masarap naman I guess yung cum ko, it was a bit sweet and salty, ewan, di ko ma-describe… but knowing it came from his mouth, nasarapan ako… his face was full of my love juice, he licked pa nga yung abot ng tongue niya eh, siguro nasarapan siya sa taste.

He lay down next to me in his bed, he was still touching me, maybe he liked how I sculptured my body in just about 3 weeks time, but he had no idea how I worshipped his. We put on our undies and kissed a bit more, around 10 minutes more of kissing, matagal no rin siguro naming hinintay yung moment with each other. We talked about us, everything na we misunderstood at first. He actually thought it was sweet of me to fix up myself and impress him, but he was impressed na pala all this time. He had a thing kasi daw for tanned-mestizo, he doesn’t like the sobrang puti, or as he said, maputla… he like some color, sun-kissed daw kasi yung skin ko, and he liked that. For me, I’m into Chinese kasi, so I guess it was perfect for us. We slept na after the talk that we had, he sometimes steals kisses when I least expect it, may points na I was explaining how I was making him notice me, like walking the dog kahit sa harap lang ng house nila, he kissed me and said “Ang cute mo talaga!” which made me blush. I dunno, I guess im the humble type, thanks to my parents for it. I blush easily and gets kinda embarrassed when people tell me im cute or good-looking. But when they tell me I’m hot, not that’s bluffing. Hehe We slept together in his bedroom, I think magka-yakap pa kami eh. The next thing I felt was he was trying to wake me up by kissing me sa cheeks, lips, nose, forehead. He was really makulit, it was weird that a buffed, 19 year old guy as hot as him was this sweet to someone like me.

He invited me to eat breakfast with his family and himself. I agreed since I know his family well enough. “Carlo, I heard you spent the night here, and as I can see, Gerald and you are really close huh” his mom said I just nodded, she doesn’t know how close his son and I have been the night before. After the meal, we went back to his room and told me, “Carlo, thanks for making this the best birthday ever! You’re such a great person, I hope you know that” I was speechless as I see him getting emotional that early morning “Aalis kami today, I guess hindi talaga nila nakalimutan birthday ko, I think we’ll eat out and spend the whole day together, but no amount of family love can sum up to the one I felt last night” Gerald added. “Eh you mean a lot to me eh, so I guess there’s nothing bad about being your birthday present” I answered. “Yun na nga eh, you’re the best birthday gift I ever had, sana next year ulit.” “Gusto mo, next week eh” I said.

After the incident, we tried to go out a lot but I guess I’m still more on my straight side. Gina and I became a couple after a month, and she became my first Filipino girlfriend. Gerald wasn’t talking to me, or even smiling at me, I know kung bakit ayaw niya ko pansinin, my fault naman eh. Since LSGH kami pareho, I see him around, but hindi niya talaga ako pinapansin. Mga 2 months din kaming stable ni Gina, then one time, gulat ako nung pinansin ako ni Gerald, “Sup? Musta?” he asked me when I entered their house to pick up Gina, we talked a bit, tagal kasi magbihis ng GF ko, nakwento niya he had another guy incident daw, they became an item. “Pero until now, kaw pa rin gusto ko, sometimes nga, I imagine I can do what my sister does to you eh, I bet I’m better.” Bumanat siya. “Gerry, I never touched your sister, kiss lang kami” I defended. “Kaw pa! Well, maybe she hasn’t discovered your big tool yet…” I was surprised with what he’s saying. “Actually, mejo dried up na nga ako eh, tagal nang wala” He winked at me, trying to tell something, I know what he meant, di nya natapos coz Gina arrived na. Then we left for the date. After that, let’s just say Gerry and I had more “play station II sessions” once in a while… this time, we were just playing with each other joysticks… 🙂


SM Fairview (Complete)

23 03 2008
ISANG GABI galing sa isang kaibigan sa Lagro, nagpunta ko sa SM fairview para mag-widraw sa atm. Nang subukan ko ay cancelled ang transaction kasi “no switch path” daw! lecheng buhay to. Barya na lang pera ko sa bulsa. Di ako makak-uwi nito sabi ko sasarili ko kaya nag hintay muna ako saglit ksi baka nagloloko lang ung bangko ko na parating palpak.

PAGKTAPOS NG isang yosi, sinubukan ko ulet. kaso wala talaga. Shet sabi ko. Pero teka may branch sa loob ng sm ung bangko ko. Kaya lumakad ako papunta sa entrance. Kaso naka- lock na. Syempre naman ala-1:30 am na kaya. Napansin ko ung isang guard na nakatayo sa may gilid ng isang pader. Nilapitan at tinanong kung meron ngang branch ung bangko ko dun. Meron daw pero sarado na ang mall at bawal na pumasok. Sabi ko baka kahit saglit lang kasi kelangan ko makawithdraw ng pamasahe. Mabait naman cya at sinabi na mapapagalitan daw sila pag pinapasok nya ko.

Naintindihan ko naman kaya sabi ko na salamat boss, antayin ko na lang baka mag online na ung sa ibang ATM. Balik na naman ako sa machine pero wala pa rin, kaya sabi ko, yosi muna tapos kapalan ko mukha ko na mangutang dun sa barkada ko tutal kasya pa naman ung pamasahe ko pabalik sa kanila.

Kaya ayun yosi muna, after mga 15 mins. aalis na sana ko nung biglang may lumapit sa likod ko. Kinabahan ako, sabay sabi na, “Ano naka withdraw ka na?”. Sabi ko, “Hindi nga eh.” Tapos inaaninag ko kasi medyo madilim at malabo na mata ko. Sabi nya ako ung guard kanina. “Ah ikaw ba yun. Di ka kasi na uniform,” sabi ko. Kinabahan tuloy ako! “Bawal ba dito magstay?” tanong ko. “Di naman,” sabi nya.

Naka sando lang siya na puti, fit sa katawan. Ayos pala tindig nito. Sa isip isip ko, siguro mga 5’7″ or 5’8″, medium built, makinis, fair skin ang mokong. Tapos sabi nya kung pwede daw makihingi ng yosi. Binigyan ko sya, pati lighter pinahiram ko pa. Tinanong nya ko kung san ako umuuwi at sinabi ko. Ang layo daw pala. tapos sabi ko buti di cla pinapagalitan pag inaalis ung uniform. Sabi nya, umalis daw kasi ung bisor nila kaya pwede, at saka naiinitan daw cya tapos kulang namn ang guard nung gabi na yun kaya ok lang daw. Sige yosi kami, nagtatanungan,tapos sabi ko, “Boss baka pwede mo ko itakas sa loob kasi gusto ko na makauwi.” Sabi nya subukan ko daw ulit dun sa atm pag wala pa rin daw, isasama na nya ko, kaya natuwa naman ako. Tinanong ko siya kung anong oras ang break niya at pag nakawithdraw ako, libre ko siya. Sabi nya wag na daw ok lang daw un. Mukhang bata pa tong guard mukhang mga 21 lang siguro. Matambok dibdib pero ung ok lang tapos walang masyadong buhok sa kili-kili. Iyong bukol nya di ko alam kung totoo o dahil sa pantalon lang kasi parati nmn na ganun ung mga bukol ng mga guard na nakikita ko sa mall, kaya di ko masyado pinansin, pero malaki. Hehehe.

Tinawag niya ako, sabi nya sumama daw ako sa kanya, kaya sunod namn ako. Sa likod daw kami papasok para masabi nya sa kasama niya. Eh bigla kong narmdaman na na-iihi ako kaya tinanong ko siya kung may bukas pang CR sabi niya wala na daw pero pwede na daw ako umihi dun sa dindaanan namin. Natawa ko kasi sabi ko. Nakakahiya dahil kawawa ung mga naglilinis kahit sa labas un. Sabi nya ok lang daw kasi ganun ginsgawa nila. Madilim naman kaya di daw halata. Di daw nya ko isusumbong, kaya sabi ko sige na nga tapos sabi nya sabay nalang daw kami para di ako mahiya.

Ayos! sana tapatan kami para makita ko laman ng pantalon nya. Umusog siya tapos sabi nya dun daw namin itutok ung ihi sa may butas para pumunta sa daanan ng taxi. Ibinababa ko zipper ng maong ko tapos dinukot ko na etits kong semi tigas. Ganun din ginawa nya. Pasimple kong inaninag yung etits nya, buti nalang may kaunting liwanag galing sa poste. Hehehe. Nakita ko na brown ang kulay ng ulo, tapos tumingin ako sa kanya. Nagulat ako ng nakita ko na naka tingin sya sa titi ko!

Sabi ko, “Ang liit ng akin noh?” (kasi naman mga 5 inches lang ata to pag nakatyo) Sabi nya di naman daw, mataba naman kaya ok lang. Humirit pa na, “eto sakin 6 nga, payat naman” “Wow tlga?!” sabi ko sa kanya. “Bakit?” sabi nya. Sabi ko swerte nya dahil 6 ung kanya eh bihira sa pinoy ang ganun kahaba. Maliit pa nga daw un kasi di siya palajakol nung bata! sabay tawanan kami!

natapos ang ihi namin pero sa tingin ko medyo tumigsa yung etits nya kasi pagbalik sa pantalon inayos pa nya. Biniro ko pa na gusto atang kumawala. Tawa sya sabay sabi na matagal na daw ksing di nakakaraos. Sabi ko nmn na pareho kami dahil wala ung gf ko nasa probinsya. Siya din daw. Naiwan na sa probinsya ung syota nya.

Habang ganito usap nmin lakad kami ptuloy sa isang maliit na pinto na hindi halata. Tapos nanginginig na ung mga laman ko pati itlog ko ata dahil nalilibugan na ko sa kanya. Haaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Pag pasok nmin sabi nya dun sa isang guard na kapitbahay nya ko na kelangan mag withdraw ng pera. Um-okay na naman ung isa. Sabi sa main daw dumaan para di makita ng camera. Kaya may nilabasan kaming pinto na sa basement na pala. Tapos sabi ko ganun pala sa mall ang luwag kapag sarado na. May ilan lang bukas na ilaw kaya madilim pa din. Sinabihan ko ulit siya na ililibre ko siya ng kape pag nakawithdraw kami. Tumawa naman tapos sabi nya sige daw kasi pagtapos namin dun lilipat cya ng poste sa may FX parking.

Naka-withdraw ko tapos sa iba na kami dumaan. Nagsabi cya sa isang pang guard na lipat pwesto na cya. Okay daw sabi nung isa kaya sa ibang labasan kami dumaan. Pagkita ko nasa parking na kami ng mga FX malapit dun sa CR dun.

Sabi ko bibili lang ako ng kape tpos uwi na ko, sabi nya coke nalang daw kasi mainit na magkakape pa siya. Sabi ko sige. Tumawid ako bumili ng coke sa plastic at tinapay na monay. Pagbalik ko inabot ko sa kanya tapos kwentuhan. Habang nagkekwentuhan, nakajacket na cya na itim, pinatong nya sa sando pero inalis din nya dahil mainit nga daw. Nalaman ko na graduate pala cya ng sa probinsya pero walang mapasukan na trabaho kay siya nga guard. Tinanong ko kung mahirap ba sabi nya hindi naman daw lalo kung puro ronda lang ang gingawa. Ngayn nga daw konti lang sila dahil nagtitipid ang SM. Lalo sa gabi kaya mas malaki ang sakop ng isang poste. Nakatira cya sa pinsan nya sa may Litex. Buti na lang daw walang renta kaya nakakpag padala cya sa mga magulang at kapatid niya.

Napunta ang topic namin sa adventures ng isang guard, sabi ko buti sila nakikita nila ung mga pangyayari sa dilim. Hehehe. Tipong curious pero gusto ko lang malaman kung ano kababalaghan ng mga guards na pang-gabi! Hehehe. Madami daw mga holdapan pero di sila pwede maki-alam kung hindi sa loob mangyayari. Pati awayan, magsyotang nagliligawan o kaya nag-aaway. Biglang sabi nya na dun sa dati nyang binabantayan na carpark sa makti daw masarap kasi ang daming gimik ng mga kabataan, puro kalibugan. Nagulat ako! Kunwari lang eh un naman talaga iniintay kong ikwento nya, kaya sabi ko pano kalibugan?

Ang sabi nya minsan daw may nagchuchupaan sa kotse. Nagulat ako! “Talaga???!!” sabi ko. “Oo,” sabi nya. “Pucha eh di hinuli mo?” Di nya daw hinuli pinanoood lang daw nya kasi di naman daw siya nakita. Niloko ko sya na cguro sinabayan nya??!! Tawa siya tapos pilit pa ko “ano sinabayan mo nga noh?” Sabay nasabi niyang, “Oo”. Kaya tawa kami ng tawa. Sa totoo lang tigas na tigas na ko kaya sabi ko uuwi na ko para mapagjakulan ko na ung kwento nya! Sabi naman nya pwede ka na ngang magjakol dyan eh, uuwi ka pa. Sabi ko ayaw ko nga eh kung may makita pa sa kin. Ako lang nmn gusto mo sabayan pa kita.

“Madalas ka ba magjakol dito?” tanong ko. Sabi nya pag nalilibugan daw siya kahit nakupo dun nagjajakol siya. Sabi ko, “ang totoo di nako sanay magjakol mag-isa!!!” Kasi sabi ko nung andito syota ko halos every other day ako nagpapalabas. Nagulat cya! “Tlaga? buti ka pa” Sabi ko, “Bakit?” Kasi daw ung syota nya pinanood lang siya. 2 beses pa lang daw may nangyari sa kanila. Ayaw pa siya isubo kaya di siya masyado enjoy. Sabi ko ganun din syota ko minsanan lang ako isubo. Tinanong nya ko kung kaya ko sumubo. “Ha?” gulat kong nasabi. “Oo naksubo ka na ba?” sabi nya. “Ikaw?” sabi ko nmn. “ikaw muna,” sabi nya, “nauna ko magtanong” “Secret!” sabi k. Sabi nya siya daw naka 3 na, kaya nilinaw ko kung siya yung sumusubo.

“Oo parehas kami,” tugon niya. “Ows di ka nmn bading ah.” sabi ko. “Di ah…siguro silahis nako…” sabi nya. Tinanong nya, “Eh ikaw?” Sabi ko, “Oo! 2 beses na…pero nung mga grade 5 pa ko nun” “Ano nasarapan ka?” tanong niya. “Medyo,” sagot ko, pero di ko na maalala sabi ko sa kanya kasi un naman ang totoo, biglang nag bago mukha nya.

“Tol, gusto mo ko isubo?” tanong nya “Ha??? eh…ayaw ko tol…di ko alam kung pano…” “Di bale gagawin ko muna sayo tapos ikaw sa akin” “Teka… ayos trip natin ah…” “Okay lang yan…” “Tara dito tayo.” sabi nya. Nagulat ako kasi dun sa may banyo sa parking area sya papunta. Tapos tinulak nya ung pinto. Bukas pala iyon. Iyon pala iniiwan minsan bukas un kasi para sa guards na nakaposte. Sabi ko tuloy, “siguro dito mo dindala ung mga sinubo mo?” “Pangalawa ka palang dito…” “Sino ung una?” tanong ko. “Iyong dating ka-buddy ko. Sobrang libog kasi un. Eh minsan pinalibog niya ko kaya nagpasubo ako tapos siya din sinubo ko…”

Di n nya binukas ung ilaw. Hinipo niya titi ko sa pantalon. “Eh matigas na… kanina ka pa ba tigas?” Sabi ko, “Oo… ikaw ba?” sabay hawak sa harap ng slacks nyang blue. “Uy ikaw din pala…” “Oo eh nakaklibog kasi usapan natin.” Hinimas ko ng hinimas ung kanya, tapos sabi ko “game na…” Sabi nya pwede daw ba bago niya ko isubo itaas ko t-shirt ko, sabi ko, “Bakit?” Gusto saw niya susuhin utong ko muna…”Sige ba…ngyn ko lang masusubukan yan.” Inangat ko kasunod ung kamay nya. Sabi nya tanggalin ko na lang daw muna, kaya inalis namin shirt ko at pinatong sa cubicle. Kapa kapa lang nga kasi madilim. Himas pa rin ako sa titi nya tapos bigla nyang pinisil utong ko. Nagulat ako na nasarapan na nasaktan na nalibugan sa ginawa nya. Ewan iba ung feeling nun tapos naramdaman ko na ung basa at mainit na dila sa ibabaw ng utong ko. Sobrang sarap pala naisip ko. Tapos sinipsip niya ung kaliwa ng konti, tapos dila ulit sa kanan tapos sipsip ng konti. Tang-ina tumayo balahibo kasabay ng utong ko. “Hanep…sarap…” sabi ko. Sa libog ko ginapang ko kamay nya sa likod. Wow batobato. Sa batok sa tenga kiniliti ko sya. Lalo naman niyang sinipsip utong ko. Tapos nahawakan ko ung kili-kili nya medyo basa. May konting buhok. Naisip ko amoyin. Amoy pawis at axe ata un ewan pero di mabaho. Patuloy ako sa pag hagod sa kilikili tapos nilagay ko daliri ko sa utong kong isa habang nasa kabila siya. Dinilaan nmn nya ung daliri ko sabay subo pa. Ahhhhhh ang sarap ng pakiramdam. Tapos ung isang kamay ko pinasok ko sa gilid ng sandong puti na fit. Hinanap ko naman utong niya. Nilaro ko pero tayung tayo na. Napa-ungol siya ng konti tapos pinisil ko. Tumigil sya biglang hubad ng sando. Naaninag ko na konti lang buhok nya sa kilikili.

Tapos hinila nya mukha kosa dibdib nya kaya dnilaan ko papunta sa utong. Sipsip dila suso ginawa ko papalitpalit hanggang sa nanggigil ako kinagat ko ung kaliwa, umungol sya. Ginanahan ako kaya pati ung kabila pa. Panay naman ang himas nya sa katawan at ari ko. Iyong isang kamay ko inalis ung belt nya kaso mahigpit, kaya siya na ang nag alis. Tinaaas ko braso nya tapos hinagod ko kilikili nya. Napakisay. Nakiliti ata pero tinigil ko tapos binaba ko pantalon ko. Nakita niya white brief ko na hi-cut bikini. Hinimas nya. Naglalaway titi ko sa labas ng brif. Pati ung bulbol sa gilid papunta sa singit ko. Bumulong siya na ang sexi daw ng suot ko. Sabi ko naman na lumuhod siya para makita ng husto.

Pero bago un, hinalikan ko at dinilaan ung kilikili nya habang hinihimas ung alaga nyang malaki. Tinaggal ko hook ng pantalon nya tapos zipper. Nahulog ung pantalon nya. Nakita ko na basa na ung brif nya na light blue regular bikini. Naka-angat na ung garter. Hinimas ko bulbul nya. Manipis. Tinanong ko kung nagti-trim siya. Hindi daw. Manipis lang daw talaga mga balahibo nya. Sa binti nga daw wala tsaka sa pwet kaya hinimas ko pababa ung hita at legs. Aba wala nga…yummy!!!! Di ako nkapag pigil kaya dinilaan ko hita pataas sa brief sabay subo ng tarugo nyang naglalaway. Maalat ang pre-cum sa brief. Huminga ako. Ungol siya sabay hila ng ulo ko pataas at bumulong na siya nmn. Sabi ko balbon ako baka di nya trip. Okay lang daw. Lumuhod siya tapos dinilaan ung pusod ko pababa habang binababa niya ung brief ko. Dinaanan nya iyong titi ko ng dila nya papunta sa bols ko…ahhhhhhhh….hawak nya tarugo ko nun…dahan dahan nyang sinasalsal.

Iniwan nya itlog ko na basa sabay akyat sa puno ng tarugo ko…basa pa din…naglalaway ulo ng tarugo ko…ang dami ng pre cum… nramdaman ko na kinalat ng isang daliri nya ung precum sa ulo…tapos kinagat nya titi ko sa katawan nito habang dinidilaan nya….hihimatayin na sana ko pero nagulat ako ng naramdaman ko na may dumudulas sa may pwetan ko …malagkit, madulas…un palang daliri niya un galing sa pre-cum ng titi ko…pinadulas nya kaya lalo akong nasarapan pero sabi ko wag nyang ipasok..umoo cya sabay subo sa titi ko ng buo….ahhhhhhhhh. Iyon lang nasabi ko dahil natakot akong sumigaw baka may makarinig.

Sabi ko na malapit na ko after mga 5 mins na ganun. Kaya umangat sya sa utong ko. Sabi nya ayaw daw niya tamod sa bibig kaya siya tumigil. ok lang sabi ko ako naman. Lumapit ako sa dibdib nya…kagat…sipsip…dila…sa kilikili ganun din…nilasap ko ung amoy nga pawis nya…barako pero hindi mabaho….bumaba ang halik ko papunta sa tagiliran…kanan na side..nararamdaman ko na nakikiliti siya….pero tuloy ako hbang binababa ko ang brief niya… ang nipis ng bulbul nya…dinilaan ko pababa sa singit…sa bayag…wow…smooth…sarap… sinubo ko isang itlog nya… napakapit sya sa ulo ko…jinjakol ko sya habang ganito ang tagpo
namn….kinuha ko din ang precum niya at dahan dahan kog itinapat sa butas ng pwet niya…kumisay sya sa unang daan ng aking daliri….natuwa ako kaya pinagpatuloy ko iyun habang nagsisilindro ang aking bibig sa kahabaan ng etits nya… sinubo ko ung ulo ng titi nya sinipsip ko….diko namalayan pumasok pala ung daliri ko sa may loob ng pwet niya…ang gulo kasi nya…sarap na sarap ata kaya ayun pumasok ung dulo ng daliiri ko….tumigil ako kasi baka bigla syang labasan…

hinugot ko ung daliri ko tapos tinanong ko kung masarap? oo daw…gusto na daw nyang mapalabas kaya kung pede daw kaskasin niya ung titi nya sa may likod ko….ok lang sabi ko…tumalikod ako tapos dinikit nya sabi ko wag nya papasukin dahil ayaw ko…oo daw…tapos sabi nya palit namn ng pwesto…ako naman kumiskis sa kanya…hanggang naramdaman ko na malapit na ko…tumigil ako…humarap sya sakin…inusog nya ung mga pantalon namin…na di ko alam kung pano nahubad…tapos nagkaskasan kami ng harapan hanggang labasan kami…grabe yun…pina suso pa niya utong niya habang nagkakaskasan kami…basang basa kami sa pawis at tamod….tapos tikman natin sabi niya…sabi ko ayaw ko…di ko alam kung nilasahan nya pero ikinalat namin sa katawan namin ung katas namin….tapos naghawakan kami ng titi saglit tapos kinuha niya ung sando nagpunas tapos ako din nagpunas sa sando niya…iba ung amoy…nakakalibog…may pawis na amoy katas ng titi…inamoy ko pa…..nung magbibihis na kami sabi nya hingin na lang nya brief ko kasi gusto daw nya ng ganun nahihiya nmn siyang bumili…kaya sabi ko palit kami ng brif…dahil di ako sanay ng wala…kaya umuwi akong iba na ang brief ko…

Iniwan ko sa kanya cell no. ko sabi ko pag may cell na siya itext nya ko dahil gusto ko siya tirahin sa pwet. Ok daw basta kaya niya pero papatira din daw ako. Nakita ko syang suot ung brif ko. Bagay sa kanya. Ang sexy niya tingnan. Hinimas ko pa katawan nya bago ko lumabas ng cr…at nagjakol pa ko bago matulog pag-uwi….